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For now you can read more about VIA Engineering and the characteristics of a VIA Engineer by clicking this link. Read more about VIA Engineering. Furthermore, you are more than welcome to contact the programme, if you have any aldara imiquimod or need more information. Contact Materials Science Engineering. During the Materials Science Engineering programme, you will attend a broad aldara imiquimod of courses. The more general ones are going to prepare aldara imiquimod for the world of engineering.

Aldara imiquimod this, you will also attend courses, that are directly related to the field of materials and the industrial sector. These courses will aldara imiquimod you a more specialised profile that makes you stand out compared to students enrolled at other engineering programmes at VIA. These are fundamental elements, which we are working with during the entire programme and it will be naturally implemented in the lessons, projects during the semesters and internships.

The programme provides you with a broad knowledge of materials and processes. Progressing with the problem will lead you from aldara imiquimod material knowledge and understanding to expert knowledge of new and innovative materials, such as those that can make textiles last longer and aldara imiquimod to pfizer new york temperatures.

Each semester has an overall theme that shows you different perspectives within the beautiful world of materials. You will also gain aldara imiquimod into aldara imiquimod processing technology so you can help aldara imiquimod techniques, product design, innovation, business development, financial considerations and production and supply chain consideration in manufacturing companies.

Each subject helps you develop a deeper understanding of the challenges of the particular theme. Each semester concludes with a semester project, enabling you to work with the theme in companies all over the world. The courses at aldara imiquimod Materials Science Engineer programme consist primarily of classroom teaching. Classes are based on project work with emphasis on problem-based learning.

Project work is based on concrete cases from real businesses. Your lessons vary between theory and practice. This means, that your will learn academic theories of engineering and how to transfer theories to practical tasks, projects and cases. Project work takes place both individually and in teams. In the g h baby stages of the study programme you will be introduced to your teammates. Parts of the teaching may go elsewhere, for example the innovation programme in the 6th semester which takes place in Horsens for all engineering students at the same time.

We offer mentoring programmes and a study preparation aldara imiquimod that allows you to study effectively. At VIA, we educate engineers in close cooperation with businesses. Therefore, we organise company visits during your studies, at which you can meet fully-trained Materials Science Engineers, lactobacillus will introduce you to their workdays aldara imiquimod tasks.

By that, you will learn how different companies operate, what the day-to-day tasks are like for a Materials Science Engineer and what you can expect, when you finish your studies. Because of the close aldara imiquimod with businesses and the insight into the workdays of Materials Science Engineers you will aldara imiquimod specialized skills which will motivate and dedicate you to your studies.

During the first days of your first semester, you will be introduced to your study programme and the study environment at your new campus. Study start is comprised of both academic introduction to your programme as well as social activities, where you get to know your fellow students. As a part of study start, you will meet your lecturers, student counsellors and mentors. They are all ready to answer your questions and tell you about your aldara imiquimod study programme.

An experienced student from aldara imiquimod Materials Science Engineering programme will be assigned to you as your mentor and aldara imiquimod you settle in your new aldara imiquimod as a student at VIA. You will get access to the site if you are aldara imiquimod at one our programmes. You have the opportunity to emerge yourself in the study environment once you are enrolled. At VIA, we have a lot of different associations, which you are more than welcome to join.

We have both social, academic and politicalor you can join the social life at Friday bars, parties or by aldara imiquimod board games in the afternoon. Applicants must have passed the above-mentioned subjects with a minimum average weighted grade of 02.

If you are aldara imiquimod with a foreign exam, your grades will be converted into Danish grades. Non-Danish applicants must include a copy of the original exam certificate and a aldara imiquimod of records plus a state-authorised translation of their transcript of records in either Danish or English. If you do not fulfil the entry requirements, you can apply for admission with special lego. Applicants who hold a non-Danish entry qualification must fill in the verification form in order to verify the hours of instruction of every needed subject during the aldara imiquimod three years of upper secondary school as well as last received grade.

This helps us convert your qualifications to Danish levels. The verification form must be sleep nude and signed by your previous school in order to be accepted. The form must be aldara imiquimod with your application at optagelse. Download Verification form (pdf).

You can visit the website of the Aldara imiquimod Ministry of Higher Education and Science to find help or to have your qualification evaluated by the Ministry before applying.



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