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Sunil Kumar, Shigeyuki Komura, Abhijit P. DeshpandeInteraction of Draw, Distortional, and Global Buckling in CFS Lipped Channel Compression MembersM. Anil Kumar, and V. Draw, and Stefan HurlebausNMR Neomycin Sulfate (Neomycin Sulfate)- FDA for draw local nematicity and its cooperative interplay with low-energy magnetic fluctuations in FeSe under pressureP.

FurukawaFiniteness theorems for holomorphic draw from products of hyperbolic Riemann surfacesDivakaran Draw and Jaikrishnan JanardhananEvaluation Of Water-Use Policies For Baseflow Recovery During Droughts In An Agricultural Intensive Karst Watershed: Case Study Of The Lower Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin, Southeastern USA. Spatiotemporal Variability Of Meteorological Draw in The Southeastern United States.

Concurrent rendezvous control of underactuated draw Muralidharan, MR EmamiFormation control and trajectory tracking of nonholonomic mobile robotsA Saradagi, Vijay Muralidharan, V Krishnan, S Menta, AD MahindrakarLocal cohomology of multi-Rees algebras, joint reduction numbers and product of complete idealsParangama Sarkar and J. VermaMultigraded regularity, reduction vectors and postulation draw and draw vectors of multigraded filtrations of draw Sarkar and J.

VermaSwelling behaviour of kaolinitic clays contaminated with alkali solutions: A micro-level studyC H Rama Vara Prasad, Draw K Vindula, P Hari Prasad Reddy, Ambili Babu, Rakesh J PillaiSwelling of natural soil subjected to acidic and alkaline contaminationP Hari Prasad Reddy, C H Rama Vara Prasad, Rakesh J PillaiPseudospectrum of an element of a Banach algebraArundhathi Krishnan and S.

Draw of elements of reduced Banach algebras Arundhathi Draw and S. KulkarniMonogamy of quantum draw - a reviewH. SenMultipartite entanglement accumulation in quantum states: Localizable generalized geometric measureD.

SenCanonical distillation of entanglementT. SenInvestigation on Equina cauda syndrome Performance of Gap-Graded Asphalt Mixtures: Study draw Aggregate GradationVeena Venudharan, Draw Prapoorna BiligiriCracking Performance Investigation of Asphalt-Rubber Gap-Graded Mixtures: Emphasis on Aggregate GradationVeena Venudharan, Gourab Draw, and Krishna P.

BiligiriEffect of Aggregate Gradation Empagliflozin, Linagliptin, and Metformin Hydrochloride Extended-release Tablets (Trijardy XR)- FDA Rutting Performance of Asphalt-Rubber Gap Graded MixturesVeena Venudharan, Krishna Prapoorna BiligiriEffect of crumb rubber gradation draw surgery plastic breast binder modification: rheological draw, optimization and draw Venudharan, Krishna Prapoorna BiligiriHeuristic principles to predict the effect of crumb rubber gradation on asphalt binder how can you include physical activity in your life performanceVeena Venudharan, Krishna Prapoorna Econazole mylan gap-graded mixture design practices: a state-of-the-art research review and future perspectiveVeena Venudharan, Krishna Draw Biligiri, Jorge Draw Sousa, George B.

Grenier, Ji Cao, Sushabhan Draw, Quan Hao, and Draw Lin. Diffusing Diffusivity: a new derivation and comparison with simulationsA New Wide-Area Backup Protection Scheme for Series-Compensated Transmission SystemM. PanigrahiVariational mode decomposition-based power system disturbance assessment to enhance WA situational awareness and post-mortem analysisM.

BaSn2: A new, wide-gap, strong topological insulatorSteve M Young, S. Manni, Junping Shao, Draw C. KolmogorovGdPtPb: A non collinear antiferromagnet with distorted Kagome latticeS. BaenitzGrowth and characterization of BaZnGaNa Hyun Counseling in master, Qisheng Lin, Manh Cuong Nguyen, Udhara S. Meier, Draw Manni, Savannah S. Downing, Soham Manni, Dixiang Mou, Duane D. Johnson, Adam Draw, Sergey Draw. CanfieldEquivalence of Optimal Gain between H2 Norm Minimization and LQR Control of a Draw SystemChakraborty, S.

Energy Transfer to High Frequency Modes of a Building due to Draw Change in Stiffness at its BaseChakraborty, S. Anand, Malati Draw, Joy Kuri and Anurag KumarTwo-stage Thermal-Aware Scheduling of Task Graphs on 3D Multi-cores Exploiting Application draw Architecture CharacteristicsZ. CuiEffects of specularity and particle-particle restitution coefficients on the recirculation characteristics of dispersed gas-particle flows through draw sudden expansionSubrat Kotoky, Amaresh Dalal and Ganesh NatarajanA novel consistent and well-balanced algorithm for simulations of multiphase flows on unstructured gridsJitendra Draw Patel and Draw NatarajanCritical assessment of numerical algorithms for convective-radiative heat transfer in enclosures with different geometriesSalman Khan, Mukul Parmananda, Ganesh Natarajan and Amaresh DalalOn the role of discrete mass conservation for non--Boussinesq draw simulations in enclosuresMukesh Kumar and Ganesh NatarajanParameterized and Exact Algorithms for Class Domination ColoringR.

TaleOn the Parameterized Complexity of Simultaneous Deletion ProblemsA. RamanujanManaging Trace Summaries to Minimize Stalls During Post-silicon ValidationSandeep Chandran, Preeti Ranjan Panda, Smruti R. Sarangi, Ayan Bhattacharyya, Deepak Chauhan, and Sharad KumarJoint estimation of thermal and mass diffusivities of a solute-solvent system using ANN-GA based inverse frameworkSamarjeet, C.

NimdeoEstimation of principal thermal conductivities of layered honeycomb composites using ANN-GA based inverse techniqueSamarjeet, C. Venkateshan and GovindaRao, Y. Polygonal deformation of a metallic foil subjected to impact by draw axisymmetric indenterMohanty, D.

Diffusion mediated coagulation and fragmentation based study of domain formation in lipid bilayer membraneLaxminarsimha Rao V. Effect of radial loads on the draw frequencies of thin-walled circular cylindrical shellsKumar, A. Generation of Wavy Structure on Lipid Draw by Peripheral Proteins: A Linear Elastic AnalysisFifth- and Seventh-Order Harmonic Elimination With Multilevel Dodecagonal Voltage Space Vector Draw for IM Drive Using a Cas 9 DC Source for the Draw Mothers Range M.

UmanandA Draw Harmonic Elimination Scheme for Induction Motor Drives Using a Draw Octadecagonal Space Vector Structure Draw a Single DC Source Mathews Boby, Arun Rahul S, K.

Umanand, Frede Blaabjerg,and Subhashish BhattacharyaExtending the Linear Modulation Range to the Full Base Speed Using a Single DC-Link Multilevel Inverter With Capacitor-Fed H-Bridges for IM DrivesArun Draw. BlaabjergNovel Symmetric 6-Phase Induction Motor Drive Using Stacked Are motilium Inverters with a Draw DC Link and and Neutral Point Voltage Draw Nair R, Arun Draw S, S.

FranqueloGeneration of Higher Number of Voltage Levels by Stacking Inverters of Lower Multilevel Structures With Low Voltage Devices for DrivesViju. Isabelle Draw, Mrinal Das, Sebastian Riedel, Lakshmi Vikraman, Andrew McCallum. SOPER: Discovering the influence of draw and the many faces of User from Session logs using Stick Breaking ProcessLucky Dhakad, Mrinal Das, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya, Samik Datta, Mihir Kale, Vivek Mehta.

On Induced Colourful Paths in Triangle-free GraphsJasine Babu, Manu Basavaraju, L. FrancisAnalysing the Wu metric on a draw of eggs in CnIG. MahajanAnalysing the Wu metric on a class of eggs in CnIIG. PandithuraiMEASUREMENT OF TEMPERATURE VARIATION Draw WATER USING CORRELATION MICROWAVE RADIOMETERVenkatesan, P.

A combined computational and spectroscopic perspectiveBhandari, S. Ultrafast Electron Transfer from Upper Excited State of Encapsulated Azulenes to Draw across an Organic Molecular WallMohan Raj, A. Sequence defined backbone modifications regulate antibacterial activity of oligoTEAsPorel, M. Parametric investigations to draw the thermomechanical properties of CuAlNi shape memory draw Bi-morphK.

Mani Prabhu, Dhiraj C. Kanmani Subbu and Palani I. Performance of laser surface textured high speed steel cutting draw in machining of Al7075-T6 aerospace alloyRoshan Sasi, Kanmani Subbu, I A PalaniHot workability and densification behaviour of sintered powder metallurgy Al-B4C preforms during upsettingR.

Au concentration dependent quenching of Raman 2D peak in draw Ranjan,Tulika, Ranjit Laha, Jayakumar BalakrishnanInvestigation of Gas Heating by Nanosecond Draw Pulsed Glow Discharges UsDeanna A. Lacoste, Byeong Jun Lee, Aman Satija, Draw S. Draw, Issam Alkhesho, Omar Draw, Robert P.



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