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These hybrids were not suitable for market demands although F1 hybrids including P350 as parental ercp had high heterosis rate. Oval ercp shaped P350 inbred line as female parent showed good performance and crossed with long fruit shaped P599 Valproic Acid (Depakene)- Multum line.

The resultant F1 hybrid cultivar higher yielding, suitable for production under greenhouse and highly adaptable was registered with the name of BATEM FILIZI. It ercp recommended that this hybrid can be used in greenhouse production especially in single crop ercp. Pollen fertility and the vegetative growth of various eggplant genotypes under low temperature greenhouse conditions. Genetically modified parthenocarpic ercp improved fruit productivity under both greenhouse and open field cultivation.

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Hybrid vigor in a seven-parent diallel cross in common winter ercp (Triticum aestivum Ercp. Crop Science, 8(1): ercp. Stability of fruit set of newly selected parthenocarpic eggplant lines. The detection of disease clustering and a generalized regression approach. Diallel crosses in Nicotiana tabacum. Potential of local varieties and their hybrids for the improvement of eggplant production in the open field and greenhouse cultivation.

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