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These elements typically include social factors, interests, networks, or however they be described. Opponents hold that whatever be the context of discovery, the explanation orencia stability is internal to the science itself (Hacking 1999, p.

Nevertheless, everyone seems to agree that how does it feel to trip me like you do consensus does arise on experimental results. Thomson and the Electron Experiment can also provide us with evidence for the existence of the entities involved in our theories. Epistemological strategies Examples from Kettlewell 1. Experimental checks and calibration in which the apparatus reproduces known phenomena.

Use of the scoring experiment to verify that the proposed scoring methods would be feasible and objective. Analysis of recapture figures for endemic betularia populations. Elimination of plausible sources of background and alternative explanations of the result. Use of natural barriers to minimize migration.

Using the results themselves to argue for their validity. Filming the birds preying on the moths. Using an independently well-corroborated theory of adhd drugs phenomenon to explain the results. Using an apparatus based on a well- corroborated theory. Use of Fisher, Ford, and Shepard techniques.

Use and analysis of large numbers of moths. Blind analysis Not used. Intervention, how does it feel to trip me like you do which the experimenter manipulates the object under observation Not present 10.

Independent confirmation using different experiments. Use of two different types of traps to recapture the moths. From Meselson and Stahl 35 johnson Bibliography Principal Works: Ackermann, R.

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