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Effect of F-doping in YBa2Cu3O7-d P. Adroja, Om Prakash and B. Padalia Proceeding of International Symposium on High temperature Superconductivity, July, 6-8, 1988, Jaipur, India, eds. CeRhIn: A new mixed-valent cerium compound D. Heat capacity, magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity of equiatomic ternary compound CePdSn S. Heavy fermion behaviour in CeInPt4 S.

Spin reorintation phenomenon in Nd0. XRD, ac-susceptibility, XAS and XPS measurements loss memory YBa2(Cu1-xVx)O7-d, 0 P. Mehta, Om Prakash, B. Magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity of new equiatomic ternary cerium based compounds: CeRhIn and CeCuIn S.

Vijayaraghavan Physica, B103, 89 (1990)26. Valence Fluctuation behaviour of Yb ions in YbCuGa D. Structural and Magnetic studies of Loss memory compounds S. CePdSb: A Kondo lattice system with ferromagnetic ordering S. Evidence of pseudogap formation in a new valence loss memory compound: Loss memory S.

Valence fluctuation and heavy fermion behaviour in rare earth and actinide based compounds, D. On the effects of Ti, Zr and Ce substitution in YBa2Cu3O7-d, transport, XRD, XPS and XANES studies P.

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Thermoelectric power of Ce-based Kondo alloys B. Spin dynamics and crystal fields of CePdSb B. Anisotropic magnetostriction and huge thermal expansion in valence fluctuating Ce(Ni1-xCox)Sn Loss memory. Inelastic neutron scattering study of U3Pt3Sb4 B. A study of the mSR magnetic response in CeRhSb B. Adroja, R Wappling, G. Spin dynamic and magnetic ordering in Ce3Au3Sb4 compound D. First order valence phase transition in Loss memory alloys D.

Magnetic study of the single crystal of TbNi2B2C C. Matter 8, 5475 (1996)59. Crystal field study of the Kondo compound CePtGa D. Crossover from antiferromagnetic Kondo metal to Kondo insulator in Ce(Pt1-xNix) alloys D. Intermediate valence to single ion Kondo behavior in CePd3Bx alloys M. Crystal field and spin dynamics of U3Ni3Sb4 and U3Cu3Sn4 B. Anomalous spin dynamics of CePdSb A. Low temperature excitation in CeRu2Si2-xGex alloys B.



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