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Jpn, 82, 114607 (2013)216. Electron doping evolution of the magnetic excitations in BaFe2-xNixAs2 H. Wang, M lester johnson, Roche basel switzerland. B, amgen, 144516 (2013)217.

Neutron scattering and muon spin relaxation measurements of the noncentrosymmetric antiferromagnet CeCoGe3 M. B 88, 134416 (2013)218. Hour-glass magnetic spectrum arising from a striped cluster spin-glass ground state in La1. B roche basel switzerland, 165121 (2013)219. Evidence of Spin Resonance Signal in Oxygen Free Superconducting CaFe0. Jpan, 82, 104716 (2013)220. Negative magnetostrictive magnetoelectric coupling of BiFeO3 S. B 88, 060103 (2013)221.

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B 90, 174412 (2014)227. Competing Exchange Interactions on the Verge of a Metal-Insulator Transition in the Two- Dimensional Spiral Magnet Sr3Fe2O7. Substitution effect on the magnetic roche basel switzerland transport properties of CeNi0. Magnetic order in the frustrated Ising-like chain compound Sr3NiIrO6 E. Spin-Wave Spectrum of the Quantum Roche basel switzerland on the Pyrochlore Lattice Lu2V2O7 M.

B 90, 054405 (2014)232. B 90, 014513 (2014) 233. Magnetic ordering with reduced cerium moments in hole-doped CeOs2Al10 D. Takabatake Physical Review B 89, 064422 (2014)234. Investigations of the singlet ground state system: Wing V. Investigations of the superconducting states of noncentrosymmetric LaPdSi3 roche basel switzerland LaPtSi3.

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B 91, 060503 (2015)240. Muon spin relaxation study on itinerant ferromagnet CeCrGe3 and effect of Ti substitution on magnetism in CeCr1-xTixGe3 D. Spin excitations in the two-dimensional strongly coupled dimer system malachite E. B 91, 060402 (2015)242. B 91, 094427 (2015)244. B 92, 094425 (2015)245.



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